Advanced Magnetos - diagnose & repair your magneto.

Advanced Magnetos - Vertex & MSD specialists.At Advanced Magnetos we’ve been servicing and upgrading Performance Magnetos for the last four years. We’ve had extensive experience in evaluating and correcting problems for all types of Magnetos from Vertex to MSD.

Our technician, John is an Electrical Engineer with over thirty years experience in that field.

We have the latest technology test  bed and facilities to give a simulated run and load test to obtain the best from your magneto. Due to the nature of high performance sport, dust, mud, rain, hot, cold and damp conditions it is necessary to clean both dirt and rust from the inside to make sure that the output and integrity of the magneto is maintained. It also gives us the chance to inspect for possible problem areas and ensure that they are remedied before a serious malfunction could lead to a more serious engine problem, prevention is far better than cure.

No matter what type of magneto you run from MSD Promags to Vertex they all suffer from similar problems. We are able to remedy these by fully dismantling, cleaning, reset clearances, replacing bearings as necessary, re-magnetising, check leads and boots, remove back from points box, clean, seal and re-rivet and perform a dyno performance check.

Advanced Magnetos - magneto reconditioning.